About By Småland

At By Småland, we supply manufacturers of furniture, office and shop fittings and related industries with functional products in engineering polymers. We do this through climate-smart thinking where we apply our long knowledge of sustainability to our products and manufacturing processes.

Our offer includes a product range of about 6,000 items, but also the development of new components and polymers.

Our head office is located in Anderstorp, which is deeply rooted in the forests of Småland. Here you will also find the producers of our products.


We supply and adapt durable functionality components to your end goal. Therefore, we manufacture and deliver products that comply with sustainability principles and are consequently produced in reputable production facilities.

We believe that improving processes and usage with a climatic approach makes a difference.


Småland has long marked Swedish history of business establishment and ingenuity. Among other things, Småland is home to many furniture manufacturers that have become internationally renowned. But above all, the concept of "Gnosjöandan" developed during the 20th century and underlines the small business spirit of helping each other. Something that permeates the entire Småland mentality.

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