Mould Fill Analysis

We can help with mould filling analysis and provide feedback on how your part can be improved to create the right conditions for the smoothest injection moulding process possible.

A lot of unnecessary costs can be saved by doing a basic feasibility study on what the injection moulding process will look like before deciding on producing a tool for a new product, or modifying an existing tool.


Doing a mould filling analysis is a good way to optimise a tool before starting the production of the tool. This will allow the intended result to be achieved in a shorter time by:


  • to gain insight into the product's property profile and which process parameters are most important during the optimisation process,
  • the ability to build a more robust product with an increased processing window,
  • but also typically lower development costs.

Simulation software

In order to improve the product at the earliest possible stage, we have access to two different simulation softwares:


  • Moldflow
  • Moldex3D