The red houses in the countryside surrounded by traditional fences. In the forests grow the popular lingonberries that turn into jam, which is loved by the Smålanders.

About us

Our heritage is our future. We were born and raised in Småland. The county in southern Sweden, known for generations for good craftsmanship in furniture. But the furniture parts must be assembled together. Long ago with wooden plugs, later screws and metal fittings. Today we use light strong materials to save on the environment, reduce weight and costs – and make it easier to recycle. But also to make the assembly steps faster and easier – without compromise.


Furniture By Småland

Byfix 1

Fasterner for furniture assembly

Byfix 2

Fasterner for furniture assembly

Byfix 3

Fasterner for furniture assembly

Furniture foot

Articulated furniture foot

Art nr. 1001-01-1

Art nr. 1001-06-2

Art nr. 1001-07-3

Art nr. 1026-01

Furniture Pad

Furniture pad in TPE

Indexing Plunger

Indexing plunger in zinc-plated steel

Art nr. 1027-01

Art nr. 1028-01

Wardrobe By Småland

Anchor hook 1

Anchor hook with circular mount 19mm

Anchor hook 2

Anchor hook with flat mount

Anchor hook 3

Anchor hook with circular mount 16mm

Anchor hook 4

Anchor hook with circular mount 22mm

Art nr. 1005-06-1

Art nr. 1006-01

Art nr. 1005-07-2

Art nr. 1007-01

Hinge 1

Hinge with holes for screws

Hinge 2

Hinge with threaded brass brushings

Hinge 3

Hinge with holes for hexagon heads

Art nr. 1023-01

Art nr. 1024-01

Art nr. 1025-01


Bridge handle 1

Bridge handle with threade holes

Bridge Handle 2

Bridge handle with smooth pass-through holes

Bridge Handle 3

Bridge handle with threaded holes


Art nr. 1020-01

Art nr. 1021-01

Art nr. 1022-01


Cross knob

Ergonomic cross knob

Star knob

Ergonomic star knob with 7 wings

Wing Knob 1

Wing knob

Wing Knob 2

Wing knob with matte finish

Art nr. 1008-01

Art nr. 1009-01

Art nr. 1010-01

Art nr. 1011-01

Levelling Feet

Levelling foot 1

Levelling foot with hexagon grip

Levelling Foot 2

Articulated levelling foot with hexagon grip

Levelling Foot 3

Levelling foot with hexagon socket

Levelling Foot 4

Levelling foot with knurled base

Art nr. 1012-01

Art nr. 1013-01

Art nr. 1014-01

Art nr. 1015-01

Levelling foot 5

Levelling foot with screwdriver groove

Art nr. 1016-01

Plugs, Inserts, & Wheels

Tube end plug

Ribbed tube end plug for squared tubes

Threaded Inserts

Threaded insert with steel thread


Castors for square tubes

Art nr. 1017-01

Art nr. 1018-01

Art nr. 1019-01


Our products can be used in a wide range when it comes to furniture, interior design, storage. Distinguish components for wardrobes, kitchens, shelves, desks, tables, drawers, bathroom fittings – yes in most contexts you can imagine – in offices, homes and in public environments.

All product group names are registered trademarks.


Quality and environment

Our production takes place in some of Sweden’s most modern production facilities for injection molding of plastic components. As a long-standing supplier to both the furniture industry and the automotive industry, there is experience of high-volume production and the right quality. The production is certified according to ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and OHSAS 18001: 2007, AEO-S and IWAY.

Product Development

We are happy to solve your special wishes regarding plastic components, where we can help you in your design project with design, prototypes, tool manufacturing and production in larger or smaller volumes.

Standard for simplicity

Our business concept is based on simplicity. Mainly for you, but also for us. Our products are manufactured as standard in a number of specific colors – to be able to be delivered to many customers with a good price picture. But if you want large volumes in your favorite colors or other dimensions or packaging, then of course we will arrange it.


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